Uma bosta? Bom? Como saberei? Alguma bichafina faria a gentileza? 26 Euro (é no singular antes de mais nada, retardada), na Colette.

Nouvelle Vague CD

Nouvelle Vague, New Wave, Bossa Nova: three expressions in three languages which symbolise an artistic revolution.

French producers Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux revive The Clash, PIL, The Cure, Joy division and other classic punk melodies in the genre of bossa nova blended with pop, mixed with the voices of eight young singers including the exceptionally-talented, Camille. The result: timeless, universal and ultra-sensual... bringing punk to the beach in full bossa nova style.

01 - love will tear us apart (joy division)
02 - just can't get enough (depeche mode)
03 - in a manner of speaking (tuxedomoon)
04 - guns of brixton (the clash)
05 - this is not a love song (P.I.L.)
06 - too drunk to fuck (dead kennedys)
07 - marian (sisters of mercy)
08 - making plans for nigel (XTC)
09 - a forest (the cure)
10 - i melt with you (modern english)
11 - teenage kicks (undertones)
12 - psyche (killing joke)
13 - friday night saturday morning (the specials)